LNP and the NBN plan for Townsville

September, 7 2013 Australian’s exercised their right to vote and elect a government to govern over our nation, choosing to vote in the coalition Liberal National Party. With this decision it has meant the majority of Australian’s will no longer be able to receive a Fibre to the House (FTTH) connection as the LNP are in favour of Fibre to the Node (FTTN).

The price tag of rolling out this national broadband network is considerably cheaper, saving Australian’s $11 billion according to the Conversation.

Though a question raised with many including the folk at AuTechNet is will I be able to access FTTH if my area has already been cabled with fibre under the former Labor Government? Some welcomed news came this morning from the Townsville Bulletin who have confirmed existing NBN deals are safe.

NBN Co wouldn’t confirm which parts of Townsville would be covered by the existing FTTH contracts, however outlined that 15,000 homes are currently able to connect to the network.

Re-elected Herbert MP Ewen Jones did however mention that the real issue of concern was not how many homes and business would be connected to Labor’s NBN but rather when would connections become available.

“We’ve got the entire CBD cabled, but no one can access it,” Mr Jones said.

“We’ve got to get businesses hooked up.”

Since the newly elected LNP government has taken power they have vowed to reshape the NBN Co board which has continually failed on making an annual profit after recently posting a 672 per cent fall in annual profit.

All one can hope, including ourselves is that the LNP Government can manage the NBN roll out more effectively so that areas that can supposedly access the NBN already can connect in a timely manner.

An example of the delays currently experienced under Labor’s NBN is Ramble of Tsv suburbia’s comment.

“I am up to my 5th and 6th appointments with NBNCo and Tel$tra since June, what with cancellations and delays it is taking forever. Still waiting for the final connection between the pit and the NBNCo internal installation and latest spec modem, which are ready and waiting,” Ramble of Tsv suburbia commented.

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The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a ‘FTTN’ NBN in favour of a superior ‘FTTH’ NBN at change.org/nbnor share it on Facebook by clicking here.