NBN Co Advertising Strategies

While out and about driving from point A to point B I couldn’t help but notice an Ooh advertising truck with a large billboard advertising NBN Co’s fibre around the streets of Townsville.

The NBN, a federally funded government initiative aims upgrade existing copper phone lines nationwide to newer, faster fibre cables.

Townsville was lucky enough to be apart of the Government’s trial of fibre, with  first the NBN services being switched on in September 2011 for parts of Aitkenvale and Mundingburra.

Much of the advertising I’ve seen for the NBN has mostly been online in the form of ads, videos or word-of-mouth. That’s why it was a surprise when I saw a large NBN billboard advertisement on the back of a truck, in a city of less than 160,000.

Sure, advertising on mobile billboards is effective as it directly targets your audience and creates a strong visual impact. Though the thing that got me was the area I saw the sign was in one of Townsville’s suburbs that probably wont get the NBN for at least another 12 months. So, it doesn’t really come across as being highly effective as most people can hardly remember what they saw or did yesterday, little-lone today.

Aside from billboard advertising the government has recently announced their their 2013-14 budget will only have $4.9 million allocated for advertising the NBN after previously spending $20 million in the previous financial year. The reason for this according to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is the government is aiming “to continue to improve public understanding and provide updated information about the National Broadband Network”.

Perhaps the government believes that people are really understanding more about the NBN, but really no-one hardly knows what all the fuss is about, other than IT experts or gamers.

NBN Co Offline Advertisment

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NBN CO Facebook Advertisement