Plex Media Server

Have you ever needed a way to keep track of all your media files? Gotten sick of having to Google every movie for a synopsis before you make the decision to watch a movie? Well Plex Media Server is your solution.

Plex Media Server is a solution that’s cross compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even a bunch of NAS devices.

There are three main reasons why you would choose Plex over another media server solution; Remote Access, Sharing and Video Queuing features.

A fairly recent feature of Plex has been it’s remote access feature. It’s a painless setup that only requires you to open a few ports on your modem and PC’s firewall. The remote access feature enables you to access your media files both locally from any computer on your home network or even from your iPhone or Android over 3G. Though I wouldn’t recommend watching a full-movie feature everyday, you may find it uses up your bandwidth and it probably would have been cheaper just to go to the video store.

Sharing is the other power that Plex has at it’s disposal. With Plex you can add your other friends that have a Plex install. This allows you to share movies in just a few clicks.

The third feature of Plex that sets it apart from the rest is it’s ability to que video files. This feature is handy if your out and about and don’t have time to watch a full YouTube video. The idea is you copy the video URL from the video sharing site and either click your bookmark link (get this from your myPlex account) or email the link to your myPlex email.

By signing up for a myPlex account you can all the great features of Plex at your fingertips; remote access, sharing and queuing.

The stunning Plex Media Server

The stunning Plex Media Server