Did you just say Microblogging?

You may of heard of blogs, an article or something that’s shared on the web which is usually opinionated or on a topic that is normally of interest to the person writing the piece. Well, microblogging or micro-blogging is a short statement, which is usually less than 160 characters and is shared on the writer’s profile or site specifically setup for microblogging.

If you haven’t caught on by now, Twitter is a microblogging platform that originated way back in 2006. If your like me, my Twitter usage normally is a flood of tweets one week and than a drought comes where I  have nothing of value to share, until now.

Last week I stumbled across a microblogging platfrom that’s opensource and can be setup on any webserver capable of running PHP and MySQL.

Status.net is a microblogging platform which allows people in a community or a single person to share 140 character message over the web. It’s similar to Twitter, Jaiku and Plurk except customizable.

To see the installation of Status.Net setup on home.autechnet.com‘s virtual server visit status.nickosullivan.id.au.