Windows Server 2008 R2 Now Running

The Home Autechnet has come a long way since our humble Windows 7 AMD Quad Core Phenom Processor Server. The current server setup that we run is Windows Server 2008 64bit with 8GB of DDR3 Ram. The server has an Intel Core i5 CPU at 3.2GHz.

The total storage capacity of our Primary Server that run and a few other domains in 2TB.

Within the internal network it is responsible for printer & scanner sharing and file sharing on the internal network. The primary function of is to server as a webserver, remote access and mail server. It does this through the use of the Apache Httpd Server project.

As we are located in Townsville and don’t have access to an airconditioned room to store our server in we opted to install 5 fans to keep the machine cool during summer and even cooler in winter periods in Townsville. Three of the fans are Deepcool 20mm fans that are used for airflow on the case. We use Coretemp to monitor our CPU usage and temperatures. The temperature ranges from 29*C to 42*C depending upon the time of day. However we are happy with this operating temperature.

To check out our server specifications view the image below: